Our portfolio of companies across the areas of Connected Work, Empowered Businesses and Green Enterprise include the following:

Li Industries

Li Industries, an innovative and fast-growing climate tech company developing next-generation lithium-ion battery recycling technologies. Li Industries was founded in 2017 and has developed scalable direct recycling technologies for lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles and consumer electronics


Anvilogic’s automated SOC platform streamlines detection engineering workflows by helping security operations center teams assess cloud, network and endpoint environments vis-à-vis the MITRE ATT&CK framework, and build and deploy attack-pattern detection code automatically. By using Anvilogic’s product, businesses gain enhanced abilities to aggregate, detect, triage and respond to cyber threats and incidents using AI-based automation on a modern architecture.


LimaCharlie’s API-first cybersecurity tools and infrastructure provide companies with a strong, adaptable security posture through its Security Infrastructure as a Service (SIaaS) model, a concept which the company pioneered.

Seurat Technologies

Seurat’s additive manufacturing technology enables massively scalable printing of metal parts and solves today’s industrial challenges around sustainability and supply chains to usher forth a new era of truly distributed mass manufacturing.


LinkSquares is the fastest AI-powered contract lifecycle management (“CLM”) solution for in-house legal teams. The LinkSquares platform automates the organization, search, reporting process, and drafting of contracts - enabling organizations to write better contracts, faster.